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Kansas Medical Assistance Program (Title 19)

Medicaid in Kansas is also called Title 19. Medicaid is the largest program we offer. It covers people of all ages. People with Medicaid coverage receive a full scope of Kansas medical services.

Physical health services may be provided by traditional coverage or Managed Care. Mental health and substance abuse services are provided under a Managed Care plan for most members. Transportation services are covered through a Managed Care plan. Dental coverage is provided for children through the medical card.

The Kansas Medicaid program provides health insurance for over 180,000 low-income children in Kansas. Medicaidin Kansas is an indispensable health program providing health insurance coverage for part or all of the year to one in three children.


KA Medicaid is a joint program with costs shared by both the federal and state governments, while Medicare is paid for entirely by the federal government. Medicaid mainly serves low-income families, while Medicare covers elderly and disabled people who receive Social Security, regardless of their income. Kansas Medicaid also covers many services for low-income elderly and disabled people, which Medicare does not pay for.


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